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Prophet Noir
Noir is for players who want to experience WoW in a fun and capable guild with interests in player versus environment and player versus player. We strive to provide an engaging and fun environment while also tackling the greatest challenges posed by the game through skill, knowledge, and teamwork. Our membership is hand-picked to be friendly, helpful, and tightly bonded to provide the best experience to their guildmates. You have to be easy going to enjoy life within Noir. You'll need a sense of humour, balanced with a mature attitude.
We are a fun, mature guild in a casual atmosphere. We have both casual players and hardcore players. Everyone can contribute to the guild in their own way. Some are good at PvP, some are good at PvE, some make the guild a more friendly place to be. Noir is going to be a small/medium sized guild. This way we all get to know each others personalities and play-styles. We strive for around 25-30 core members.

Our Goals:
-Guild growth
-Community participation
-Character advancement
-PvE progression
-PvP progression
-While providing an fun atmosphere

The guild will work together in order to help obtain new members, achieve guild milestones, and maintain a constant level of activity.

The guild will work diligently to achieve new levels, obtain new items, and conquer new uglies whenever possible. Members will be expected to ask the guild to fill spots in groups and raids before referring to other channels in order to provide the greatest level of opportunity to the rest of the guild.

Though we do not require it of any member, the guild will set its sight upon any raid content. Those members who wish to participate in raiding will be asked to follow our Raiding Guidelines and Loot Policy. Those members who do wish to participate heavily in raiding are very serious about their time and commitment, and we ask that those who would raid more casually are respectful of this.

Other Policies
Alts: Members may have as many alts as they like. Alts must be tagged as such with a reference note to the name of the member's main.

Extended Absence: Members who have not logged on in over 30 days may be subject to removal at the discretion of the leadership. In order to prevent removal, we ask that members inform us of any extended absences on our Notification of Absence forum.

Requirements for New Members;
We're looking for people who are willing to commit to the guild. As such you must not be applying to any other guilds at the time you apply to Noir. If we see you applying to other guilds with multiple applications, your application with Noir will be instantly rejected on these grounds. If you think this is unfair, please do not apply.

When joining Noir a new guild member will have the status of Trialist.
During this period the player can be dismissed by a leader, if they are not found to be suitable for whatever reason.
The length of a trial period will depend upon the level of commitment you appear to have put into the guild since joining us. Trials will usually not be less than 2 weeks.

-Activity; we will not accept people logging in once a week for an hour, doing solo stuff, then logging off. We don't enforce you to be in every legion event, but you should be participating once in a while!

-Maturity; with emphasis on patience and respect, we don't want immature players, for various reasons. Age doesn't matter as long as you behave maturely.

-Thick skin; we don't want someone who gets offended or sad over every little internet joke. The guild is a place to relax, and the internet has spawned it's own kind of humour. So if you take all jokes too seriously, don't apply.

-Hardcore mindset in a casual atmosphere; we will play to win and to have fun, and we expect our members to do the same.

Guild Rules;
-Fun and friends, are always more important then winning.

-We do not tolerate drama; if you start too much of it, you will be kicked without remorse.

-No spamming guild channels.

-If you have a problem with another member, go to a private channel or pm, or get help from a leader. Don't discuss the issue in guild channels.

-Pay attention during raids, no dual-screening and watching some show or browsing the internet while we are raiding. Keep chatter down during raids, especially during the tougher and more intense parts.

-Help other members, don't join a guild if you only want to play solo.

-If someone quits the guild, they can not rejoin.

-Don't be an idiot.

Guild Loot rules
Sometimes the guild requires special materials. These materials must not be sold on the open market, but rather to the guild vault or a guild crafter.

Need before Greed. Random drop BoEs will be passed and discussed or dictator loot.

Alternative Characters.
Main characters always goes over alternative characters in groups - Need (main character need) goes before greed, always and forever.

Dictator loot.
Some items may be restricted from certain classes. Sometimes specific items are defaulted to specific members in the interest of increasing the legions progress. The enforcing of this rule is solely up to the legion leader.

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